In efforts to keep our referring community informed, we are excited to provide an update to our last communication letter regarding x-rays. We are reaching out to let you know starting Tuesday October 24th X-ray self-scheduling will be offered.  Once we process the X-ray order for your patients, we will send them a text and/or email with a unique link to schedule their X-ray exam. Patients who have signed up for our patient portal will also have the option to schedule as well as cancel and reschedule their exams. Additionally, if you have access to our provider portal, you can schedule the X-ray exam for your patients before they leave your office.

The benefits of X-ray self-scheduling:

  • Patients choose what appointment time works for their schedule.
  • Decrease in X-ray wait times that occur on a walk-in only process (up to 4 hours).
  • Improved patient and IHS team member safety and quality.

Imaging Healthcare Specialist is committed to excellent patient care, and we continue to look for ways to improve the services we provide and the access to them. We continue to monitor this effort daily and quickly address any issues that occur.

We value your support while we begin this new service of patient self-scheduling. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact at

Click here to download a PDF of this information

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