MRI Services in San Diego Area

Magnetic Resonance Imaging uses a computer, magnetic fields, and radio waves to generate images within the body. It can be used for virtually all anatomy and allows the radiologist to see the specific area of concern in order to provide a quick and accurate diagnosis for your physician. To schedule your MRI, contact Imaging Healthcare Specialists at (858) 658-6500.


Types of specialized MRI examinations

Prostate MRI

A new tool has emerged to provide better detection and assessment of suspected prostate cancer. Known as prostate MRI, this test can help you and your doctor to better understand your risk, and help contribute to more targeted and effective treatment of prostate cancer. The prostate MRI is offered at our Oceanside, Encinitas, La Jolla and Hillcrest San Diego centers.

MR Angiography

Magnetic resonance angiography, or MRA, is an MRI-based technique to assess blood flow through a vessel. This helps doctors to evaluate them for occlusions, aneurysms, stenoses or other abnormalities. Unlike traditional angiography tests, MRA is not invasive. In some cases, the injection of a contrast agent (dye) is needed to help visualize the blood vessels.

3T MRI and Wide Bore MRI

At Imaging Healthcare Specialists, we offer a full range of MRI equipment, including 3T MRI and high-field short-bore MRI. Our 3T systems provide greater image detail for certain musculoskeletal, neurological and body imaging needs, and our high-field short-bore systems are a full 10-12 centimeters larger than the MRI systems offered by the majority of our competitors. This provides excellent image quality while being less confining for the patient, and we are able to accommodate patients of larger sizes and weights.

To schedule your MRI, call Imaging Healthcare Specialists at (858) 658-6500.

When preparing for an MRI examination

To have an optimal appointment time, please follow these guidelines:

  • Notify us upon arrival of any special needs or allergies.
  • Bring insurance card and authorization or worker’s comp information.
  • Plan to pay required co-pays at the time of service.
  • Bring a picture ID.
  • Wear comfortable clothing free of metal

With some examinations, an injection into a vein is required. The MRI technologist will explain the procedure further if your exam requires this.

MRI does not utilize any form of ionizing radiation. Please wear comfortable clothing, like sweats. Clothing with zippers, metal buttons or snaps cannot be worn. This includes underwire bras as well. If needed, a cotton dressing gown will be available for you to use.

Contact Imaging Healthcare Specialists

Contact Imaging Healthcare Specialists to schedule any of your prostate MRI and 3T MRI needs. We have locations throughout the Greater San Diego area including Oceanside, Encinitas, La Jolla and Hillcrest, San Diego centers. Call us at (858) 658-6500 to schedule.

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