Legal Billing Records Request

For exams performed at an IHS facility:

Send request to If the patient wasn’t seen at IS on a PI Lien or you are not certain, please include the HIPPA release form with the request.

If you do not receive confirmation that your request has been received within one business day, please call 858.888.4479 to confirm receipt.

For ER radiology billing:

IHS has limited to no access to provide assistance. Medical records must be obtained from the hospital, and billing requests sent via fax to MBMS

  • Tri-City Hospital (billing records are available 01/2023-present)
  • Scripps Mercy Hospital (billing records available 06/2023-present)

Subpoena requests:

All subpoena requests must be faxed to 302-440-4884 or mailed to 150 W Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103. Any requests sent to any other facility address will be significantly delayed up to and including not being received.

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