Legal Billing Records Request

Send legal billing records request to If the patient wasn’t seen at IHS on a PI Lien, then please submit a release form with the request.

If you do not receive confirmation that your request has been received within one business day, please call 858.888.4479 to confirm receipt.

PLEASE NOTE: For Tri-City Hospital, billing records are available 1/2023-present.

For billing inquiries specific to services rendered at Scripps Mercy Hospital, please contact:
MBMS: 833.324.4690 (7/23 – present)
MSM: 619.400.8845 (6/23 and older)

Imaging Healthcare Specialists’ Clearpath Website Instructions

Updated January 2023

IHS has partnered with Clearpath to provide an easy way for law firms, record retrieval companies, and insurance carriers to obtain medical records and images electronically. It is mandatory that these requests go through the platform effective as of Feb 1, 2023. Clearpath is a HIPAA-compliant, web-based portal that enables us to fulfill requests faster and more reliably than relying on mailing documents and discs.

If you are a patient and require a copy of your medical records and/or bills, please contact the IHS office where you had your imaging test. You may find contact information for each office by clicking here.

Submitting a Request & Receiving Records / Images

Attorneys, law firms, record retrieval companies, and insurance carriers only

Once you have obtained a properly signed HIPAA-compliant medical release or generated a subpoena please electronically transmit your request to IHS via Clearpath. Requests for all record types and images must be made through the Clearpath platform.

Clearpath empowers you to send requests electronically, thereby reducing the amount of time it takes us to process such a request. IHS understands you may require an original affidavit or certification to accompany the request and this will be accessible on the platform with your records after payment has been received.

You may access an existing account or create a new account at Clearpath by clicking one of the links below.

Paying for Records/Images

Before your request may be processed, IHS will invoice you electronically for the request through the Clearpath platform. IHS’ fees vary based on the complexity of the request, requested turnaround time, and individual state law. Upon electronically receiving the invoice, you may pay on the Clearpath website with your credit card or bank transfer (ACH). Do not send checks directly to us as we will not process them. Everything must go through the platform to release correctly. Clearpath does not charge legal requestor fees in addition to IHS’ fees to release the records and images.


Why should we use Clearpath?

Legal requests for our facilities must go through the Clearpath platform in order to be fulfilled. Clearpath helps us fulfill requests for records and images more quickly, with less paperwork going back and forth, by adopting a digital process. Previous, non-digital processes required mailing documents/discs and lengthy processing times, and requests would sometimes get lost in the mail, causing an inefficient process for both sides. Clearpath does not charge legal requestors additional platform fees and is the preferred platform for legal requestors.

Benefits of using Clearpath’s HIPAA-compliant web portal:

  • Makes the request and fulfillment process faster and more reliable
  • Eliminates the cost of postage and the need to wait for mail to be delivered
  • Eliminates delays associated with burning imaging onto discs, as Clearpath allows us to deliver images electronically
  • Provides you with real-time visibility into status and location, eliminating status phone calls
  • Enables easy, secure, and user friendly electronic paymentNo legal requestor fees on top of our facility fees to release the records and images

Do we have to use your Medical Authorization?

No, you may use your own release as long as it provides the same general information as ours. The form must be signed and dated, and if someone other than the patient signs the medical release, the legal relationship between the patient and signer must be defined. Also, you must include appropriate legal paperwork showing the signer’s authority to execute on behalf of the patient, such as a Power of Attorney, with your request.

Must I use Clearpath for my request?

Yes, using Clearpath is mandatory. Every request made of us contains sensitive information about the patient, and fax, e-mail, and mail are not as secure as Clearpath’s web portal.

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