Imaging Healthcare Specialist is committed to excellent patient care, and we continue to look for ways to improve the services we provide and the access to them. In the ability to support patient safety and quality imaging we would like you to know that we are in a soft launch phase of a new process to allow patients to self-schedule their X-ray exams. During this soft launch phase, X-rays continue to be performed on a walk-in basis, the difference is that our front desk staff is scheduling them in one of the available appointment time slots upon their arrival. If all the time slots available for the day are full upon their arrival, then the patients are offered another location that has availability, or they can schedule for the next day or two at a time that works with their schedule. Also, it is important to note that there are not resources to schedule X-rays over the phone.

The benefits of X-ray self-scheduling:

  • Patients choose what appointment time works for their schedule.
  • Patients are able to leave and come back at their appointment window.
  • Decrease in X-ray wait times that occur on a walk-in only process (up to 4 hours).
  • Improved patient and IHS team member safety and quality.

As you know, process changes come with unforeseen challenges. We continue to monitor this effort daily and quickly address any issues that occur. Our goal is to improve X-ray services for patients, and we anticipate that in early October they will be able to conveniently schedule their X-ray appointments before arriving at one of our offices.

We value your support while we transition to the future state of patient self-scheduling. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact at

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