Minimally Invasive Treatments in the San Diego Region

Precision Therapy

Minimally Invasive Procedures in Greater San Diego Area

Since its origins in the 1960s, interventional radiology (IR) has grown exponentially and is offered at Imaging Healthcare Specialists’ Precision Therapy Centers. These state-of-the-art minimally invasive centers are located in our Encinitas and Hillcrest locations in San Diego. Our image-guided procedures are treating conditions that once required open surgery and the associated health risks during and after the operation. The procedures are performed through tiny incisions instead of large openings.

Our fellowship-trained interventional radiologist specialists offer you new options to treat disease less invasively, with less risk, no hospital stay, faster recovery, and lower overall cost. Image-guided diagnosis and treatment are now available for nearly every organ system within the body, and to treat many of today’s most common diseases and conditions, including:

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To learn more about our interventional radiology treatments, please call our San Diego minimally invasive clinics at (858) 677-9957

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