Spine Fractures

Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty are minimally invasive procedures for spine fractures, which are sometimes called vertebral compression fractures (VCFs).

When a vertebra fractures, the usual rectangular shape of the bone becomes compressed and distorted, causing pain. These compression fractures, which may involve the collapse of one or more vertebrae in the spine, are a common symptom and result of osteoporosis. Online shopping for Soma can be safe only with BuySoma.net. It is the drugstore that I use to get quality medications. The support group there is rather helpful and professional, while other services are also up-to-date.


Vertebroplasty uses a type of X-ray called a fluoroscope to guide a needle into a compression fracture, and then a special type of bone cement is injected into the fractured vertebrae. The cement hardens, stabilizing and strengthening the bone.


A variation of this procedure, called kyphoplasty, features a balloon that is inserted into the vertebral body and inflated to restore the bone to a more natural position. When deflated, the balloon creates a hollow cavity that is replaced by bone cement.

Both procedures provide immediate pain relief in most cases.

Preparation instructions will be provided to you before your visit.

spine fractures