For Attorneys

At IHS, we work with personal injury and worker’s compensation attorneys throughout Southern California to help their clients get the care they need with expedited imaging, reporting and billing services. We have extensive experience with injury diagnostics, and will support you from initial diagnosis through treatment recommendations.

We support your client with:

  • Detailed reporting within 24 hours of the completion of your client’s exam
  • Urgent or STAT reports are accommodated the same day
  • Same day and urgent appointments accommodated
  • Exam images available online through our portal or via CD
  • We will contact your client within 24 hours to schedule their exam as requested by their referring or attending physician


For billing information/documents and payment processing, our team can be reached at:

Phone: 858.888.4479
Fax: 858.863.0154

IHS does not do any billing for Scripps or Alvarado Hospital:

Scripps MSM: 619.400.8845
Alvarado McKesson: 805.375.8801

Personal Injury Liens

PI Liens are required for all services provided to your client. For your convenience, Imaging Healthcare Specialists has made this form available online for your completion. A PI Lien must be submitted by the client/patient attorney for all imaging services requested. Simply complete the online document, electronically sign and these documents are signed by your client upon arrival to our facility for their scheduled diagnostic imaging services. This process improves turn-around times for client imaging and allows expedited reporting to you and the client’s medical provider.

Worker’s Compensation Cases

Workers’ Compensation cases are handled professionally and managed through the Imaging Healthcare Specialists’ billing services and payers as required. Clients may be scheduled with a physician’s order easily, professionally and conveniently to provide imaging, reporting and billing services. Imaging Healthcare Specialists does not accept Worker’s Compensation Liens.

To learn more about Imaging Healthcare Specialists’ attorney resources, please email us at We serve patients and their attorneys throughout the San Diego area including Vista, Poway, Oceanside, La Jolla, Chula Vista, Encinitas and San Diego.