Coronary Calcium Score
(Heart Scan)

Heart disease is the nation’s leading cause of death, and unfortunately, many do not find out they have heart disease until it’s too late!

The coronary calcium score is a fast, safe and easy CT scan of the heart. It’s the only widely used non-invasive screening test that can accurately detect—or rule out—the presence of coronary artery atherosclerosis in otherwise healthy individuals. The test uses advanced low-dose CT imaging and special software to detect the presence of calcified plaque in the coronary arteries, which is an indicator of how likely you are to have underlying heart disease that can lead to heart attacks.

A Heart Scan is not covered by most insurance companies but is affordable at Imaging Healthcare Specialists for just $175.

If you have high blood cholesterol, a family history of heart attacks, diabetes, smoke cigarettes or are overweight this may be recommended by your physician. We offer our Heart Scan service at our La Jolla and Oceanside locations.

coronary calcium score
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