Personal Injury Lien Fees

PI Liens may not be modified in any way with only Imaging Healthcare Specialists lien forms accepted.

PI Liens may not be accepted for service values less than $250. Any services provided under $250 are subject to the One Simple Fee Schedule at time of service.

Questions regarding PI LIENS may be directed to:

Phone: 858.888.4479
Fax: 858.863.0154

Current Pricing

(pricing is subject to change without notice)

Bone Scan
Whole body/limited $2,275
CT Studies
CT Scan any region w/o IV contrast $1,075
CT Scan any region w/ IV contrast $1,425
Myelogram/CT any region $4,025
Epidural Injection
Epidural injection any region $1,585
MRI Studies
MRA any region w/o contrast $1,900
MRA any region w/ contrast $2,400
MRI any region w/o contrast $1,900
MRI any region w/ contrast $2,400
MRI 3T Brain TBI/DTI w/ Neuroquant $2,400
MRI arthrogram any region $2,950
Ultrasound Studies
Ultrasound any region $500
X-Ray Studies
X-Ray any region $250
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