Pricing for Diagnostic Imaging Services at Imaging Healthcare Specialists

Cash Pay Pricing

Please note: Personal liens are not eligible for the below pricing due to additional expenses and risks incurred with them.

This is a list of our commonly performed services. We require an order from your doctor in order to perform any services with the exception of health screenings. The following prices are based on payment in full by you, at the time of your exam. We accept payment by credit card, check or cash. Imaging Healthcare Specialists does not submit claims to insurance for imaging studies paid in full by you using our One Simple Fee during your scheduled visit.

MRI Studies
MRI w/o Contrast (excludes Breast and Prostate MRI)
MRI w/ & w/o Contrast (excludes Prostate MRI)
MRI w/o Contrast plus Neuroquant rendering (excludes Prostate MRI)
MRI w/ & w/o Contrast plus Neuroquant rendering (excludes Prostate MRI)
Prostate MRI
Prostate MRI
Prostate MRI with Radiologist 30 minute consultation
Prostate MRI Consultations:
Radiologist consultation to review prostate MRI only (does not include cost of MRI imaging)
30 minutes
*Please note that cost may vary dependent upon pharmaceuticals administered.
CT Studies
CT Scan w/o Contrast
CT Scan w/ Contrast
CT Scan w/ & w/o Contrast
CT Low Dose Lung Cancer Screening
CT Coronary Artery Calcium Score
Bone Density
Bone Density (DEXA)
Breast Care Studies
Mammogram Screening 3D Tomosynthesis
Mammogram Diagnostic 3D Tomosynthesis
Breast MRI
Ultrasound Studies
Ultrasound each study
X-Ray Studies
X-Ray each study
Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)
Nuclear Medicine Exams
Brain Striatal Spect Imaging (DaT Scan)
Gastric Emptying Study
Hepatobiliary Imaging with EF
Parathyroid w/ Spect
Bone Scan Whole Body
Bone Three Phase
Bone Scan Spect
Renal Function/Flow w/ LASIX

Please be advised that some referral orders may require multiple procedures. The fees above reflect the price of a single procedure.
The procedure performed is subject to the clinical assessment, medical decision making, and professional discretion of the provider.
If you are unsure if your procedure is covered under our one simple fee, please ask an IHS team member.
Prices are subject to change without notification.

For pricing for Interventional Radiology procedures, please call to schedule a consult.

To learn more about pricing for imaging services at Imaging Healthcare Specialists, please contact us today.

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