THE BIG PICTURE at Imaging Healthcare Specialists

The Big Picture goes beyond simply providing high-quality  diagnostic imaging services to physicians and patients of the San Diego area. It’s about having a much more important and influential role in the health of our citizens, and a greater contribution to the healthcare community that serves them.

Advanced Medical Imaging in San Diego

Why Choose Imaging Healthcare Specialists

Over the past three decades, Imaging Healthcare Specialists has earned an outstanding reputation for the most advanced imaging technology, highly specialized expertise and exceptional customer service for physicians and patients. But that’s only scratching the surface.

What we offer is something rare among diagnostic imaging providers, and it’s something we call the Big Picture.

We continually invest in the latest imaging technologies. We believe that newer generations of equipment deliver greater diagnostic accuracy while improving the patient experience with shorter scan times and better comfort.

Continuous improvement isn’t just for business managers. Our doctors are among the most highly trained in the Southern California region. In fact, many have undergone advanced fellowship (subspecialty) training in one or more disciplines of radiology. This added expertise isn’t required to perform diagnostic interpretations, but we believe it can make a real difference in quality and confidence in our recommendations.

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We’ve set the bar lower… but only when it comes to radiation. For the safety of our patients, we lowered radiation doses in CT scanning by 50-90% without compromising imaging quality or diagnostic results.

Over the past several years, we’ve added a number of minimally invasive procedures—performed with imaging guidance—to precisely treat conditions that once required open surgery. Patients benefit from excellent outcomes with less risk, a shorter recovery, virtually no scarring  and lower overall treatment costs.

We’ve embraced preventive health screenings and made them readily available and affordable. Advances in technology now allow us to detect heart disease, cancer, and other life-threatening conditions at an earlier, more treatable stage.


We consistently earn high marks from patients for exceptional customer service. Unlike many healthcare facilities, we are patient-focused. We demonstrate respect for your time, your privacy, your safety and your budget.

At Imaging Healthcare Services, we believe that imaging should be affordable, whether or not you have insurance. What’s more, we’ve broken the price barrier on previously expensive tests such as breast MRI and prostate MRI. In short, we have made affordable pricing a priority.

Contact Imaging Healthcare Specialists 

The staff at Imaging Healthcare Specialists would love to provide you high-quality diagnostic imaging. We serve patients in Vista, Oceanside, Encinitas, Poway, La Jolla, Chula Vista and San Diego, California. 


We’re constantly going above and beyond what is expected from an outpatient radiology provider. You have a choice as to where to have your imaging tests. Why not choose the centers and people who see the big picture and the positive impact that can have on your health and longevity?

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