Schedule Your Digital X-Ray Online

To provide easier more convenient access for X-rays, we have transitioned to patient self-scheduling for X-ray appointments. Here’s what you need to know:

  • To be seen for an X-ray, patients will need to use our self-scheduling system. Due to the high volume of X-rays, we are not supporting phone scheduling for X-rays.

Here is how it works: 

  • After we receive your X-ray order from your healthcare provider, we will send you a unique link via email, text, or via a message from your personal portal. The link will be valid for 72 hours, to schedule your appointment.
  • You can schedule the X-ray appointment up to two weeks in advance, depending on availability.

Additional Information:

  • Same-day X-ray appointment availability is updated daily at 8:00 AM and can be seen in the self-scheduling portal.
  • If you have a patient portal, you can easily schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments beyond the 72-hour link.
  • Existing patients can request a link to create a patient portal account from any team member. The patient portal will give you  immediate access to your profile and pending orders. Your username will be your email, and you’ll be prompted to create a password upon clicking the link.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to be seen in the next few days. How can I secure an appointment?

Once you receive a link to self-schedule x-rays, it will remain active for 72 hours with schedules opened two weeks in advance. Each morning, additional slots become available at each site. While patients attempt to walk in, in hopes of securing a slot, it is best to secure a time and location from the convenience of your home, work, school, etc. We have experienced patients coming to the sites, hours before the x-ray department opens, only to be told they secured an appointment hours LATER in the day. We recognize this is not ideal, so we urge you to consider using the self-scheduling feature to save you time!

If my provider advised me to walk in, can I be accommodated on the same day?

Our locations have limited capacity for same-day appointments; however, the same capacity is available to all for self-scheduling. While you’re welcome to visit a site to schedule a future appointment, many patients find it convenient to self-schedule upon receiving the ready-to-schedule link.

The order pad I received states Imaging Healthcare Specialists offers walk-ins. Is this incorrect?

We can no longer accommodate all patients referred to us on a walk-in basis and have switched to self-scheduling. This went into effect in October 2023. Unfortunately, some offices still have old informational marketing that is no longer accurate. Please utilize our website for the most up-to-date information.  

The locations map I received states Imaging Healthcare Specialists offers walk-ins. Is this incorrect?

Please see the above response. 

My provider gave me my order and I have not received a link. How can I self-schedule?

We may have not yet received a copy of the order from your provider. To assist us, please email your order to and allow us up to four hours to process your order during business hours. Be sure your cell phone/email is up to date and be on the lookout for the self-scheduling link. 

My provider advised me that my order was submitted to Imaging Healthcare, but I have not received a link. What should I do?

You may reach out to our information line at 858-658-6500. Call volume is high so to save you some time, you may also reach out to If an order is on file, we will send you a link via text or email. If there is no order on file, we will ask you to follow up with your provider. 

What happens if I miss the 72-hour window to schedule my appointment through the link I received?

Our goal is to provide all patients with access to their personal portal, where there are no time-sensitive limits to schedule valid orders including canceling and rescheduling and you have immediate access to reports and images. You may reach out to our information line at 858-658-6500. Call volume is high so to save you some time, you may also reach out to and request a Welcome Portal invite to complete the portal sign-up. You also have the option to request a one-time link if you do not want an account currently. 

Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment if I need to?

You may reach out to us at 858-658-6500 to cancel your appointment using our automated system. The ability to reschedule is currently only available through the patient portal. 

What should I do if I encounter technical difficulties while using the self-scheduling system?

Please reach out to with the technical assistance you are experiencing. 

Are there any additional resources or instructions available to help me navigate the self-scheduling process?

Yes! Please See How to Schedule

I don’t like technology; how can I speak to somebody to make an appointment if I want my imaging done at Imaging Healthcare Specialists?

We understand that technology isn’t everyone’s preference, and we truly appreciate your interest in our services. We rely on technology at every step of our interactions. From scheduling appointments to checking-in, to processing payments and providing support, technology plays a crucial role in our operations. We firmly believe that technology is not just a convenience but an integral part of the future of business. Patients have the option to visit one of our locations to secure an appointment, however, we continue to highlight that each site has limited capacity each day and it is recommended to consider self-scheduling their x-rays. 

What do I do if I opted out of text messages from IHS in the past and now want to opt back in?

Text messages are one of three ways we offer self-scheduling to our patients, along with email links and access to your patient portal. If you’re unsure how to access these options or need further assistance, you can visit one of our locations or reach out to us at and we can assist you further.

Is it safe to use the link that directs me to a Royal Solutions Group URL?

Yes, it’s safe! We’ve partnered with Royal Solutions Group to provide services such as appointment scheduling, pre-registration, payment processing, and check-in. You can find more information about them on their website

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