Interventional Radiology

An Interventional Radiologist is a highly trained subspecialist who is skilled in both diagnostic imaging and in percutaneous (through the skin) therapeutic procedures. Interventional radiology has been officially recognized as a specialty since 1992 and has been called the “Surgery of the 21st Century.” Today there are approximately 4000 interventional radiologists in the United States.

Using X-RAYs and CT scan guidance to guide their procedures and “see” inside the body, the specially trained Interventional radiologist inserts thin tubes (catheters) and other very small instruments through tiny nicks in the skin to treat a wide variety of conditions that once required surgery. These treatments include dilatation of narrowed blood vessels (angioplasty and stenting), opening of clotted blood vessels or bypass grafts (thrombolysis), male infertility (varicocele embolization) and female infertility (fallopian tuboplasty) procedures, central venous access and dialysis catheter placement, gastrostomy and jejunostomy feeding tube placement, and a whole array of many other similar procedures.

There are many advantages of interventional radiology:

  • Many procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis.
  • Virtually all procedures are performed with local anesthesia and intravenous sedation, and general anesthesia is usually not required.
  • Risk, pain, and recovery time are significantly less than surgery.
  • Procedures are usually less expensive and safer than the surgical alternatives.

The Interventional Radiologists of IHS are fellowship-trained, are board-certified, and have Certificates of Added Qualifications (CAQ) in Angiography and Interventional Radiology awarded by the American Board of Radiology. These physicians are also members of the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR). In addition, the Interventional Radiologists of IHS are well known in the San Diego medical community for their expertise in carotid artery angioplasty/stenting.

Prep Instructions

  1. Arrive at the specifed time to allow for registration and exam preparation.
  2. Notify us upon arrival of any special needs or allergies
  3. Bring insurance card and authorization or worker’s comp information.
  4. Plan to pay required co-pays at the time of service.
  5. Bring a picture ID.
  6. Wear comfortable clothing.

To insure the highest quality procedure in a safe environment, we are unable to provide child care services for you at the time of your examination. Please do not bring unattended children to the imaging center.


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