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Online pharmacy: a single price online

Before launching our online pharmacy, we spent a lot of time studying how our partners and competitors do it. We made it to create the right online service on the first try, and also to find the flaws and eliminate them. And of course, we looked for a unique trading offer.

So, I explored different pharmacy portals not only in our country but also in other states. It was revealed that many online pharmacies offer to buy drugs in different regions and at different prices. Actually, they realized the wholesale trade, whose price policy often depends on the regionality. Accordingly, they offer the prices for the whole population center or for each separate trade point.

Online pharmacy went the other way. Our website indicates a single price for all regions. We don’t split the prices by sales points. When ordering through the website, you see a single price and buy the drugs through the website at this price (which equals the wholesale prices, according to the other pharmacy networks).

If you want to buy the drugs for wholesale prices, the option of online purchase will be suitable for you because it is:

  • cheaper,
  • more comfortable,
  • faster.

Choose online pharmacy, as it meets all the above-mentioned criteria.

How to save time on visiting pharmacies

Our company has conducted research and found that not everyone knows how to save time. After asking such a question, we often heard the following answer: “to be honest, I often ask myself this question.” 

In the modern world, the only deficit is time, which is always not enough to communicate with friends and family. Many of their actions are trying to think through in advance to save time on many things, for example:

  • think in advance how to get to work not to get into traffic;
  • go shopping in the evening to avoid standing in line;
  • pay utility bills through an online service to avoid standing in a queue.

But many things can’t be planned in advance, such as a queue at the store or pharmacy. In our online pharmacy network, you can make purchases without standing in line. But unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do it. On the way home, one of our employees overheard the conversation of a girl who was complaining to her boyfriend about how much time she had spent in the queue at the pharmacy and told that she could do makeup during this time. When I was watching them, I saw that the boy agreed.

Therefore, we decided to tell you how you can save time on visiting an online pharmacy. We hope that after reading this article, you will successfully save time just as many of our customers do. One of our regular customers said: “Thanks to you, I can afford to sleep longer in the morning instead of standing in line for 15 minutes”.

The most common myths about ordering medicines from online pharmacy

We made our own list of myths (which are definitely myths, at least in our country) about online pharmacy:

  • sale of expired goods;
  • it is impossible to receive a consultation, and the Internet is a robot;
  • after making an order, you still have to stand in line;
  • higher price;
  • small assortment.

All of these are myths. Online pharmacy sells the same certified goods as the pharmacy network itself. We have qualified pharmacists and employees. After buying the goods from Online pharmacy, you can receive consultation both by phone mode and in a chat. 

At the moment, we will not speak for all Internet pharmacies, but in online pharmacy, you can order the drugs cheaper than in the pharmacy chain itself, as we are a warehouse. After all, not every pharmacy chain has a single price for all Internet orders (in contrast to the online pharmacy). Here, after making an order, you can come to the pharmacy and pick up an already formed order, thus saving time and money.

Our assortment is even wider than that of some pharmaceutical points, as it is not always possible to keep a lot of goods in one point of sale. If you run a search on “Online pharmacy,” you will definitely find us!

Facts about online pharmacy

As you can see, in online pharmacy, you will save time not only when choosing the goods but also when picking them up from the pharmacy without a turn. The most truthful fact that works in our online pharmacy is that it provides time and money savings; in return, you get a pleasant communication with qualified employees of the online pharmacy network. Time needs to be saved, and we take care of you, helping you to spend time usefully in the morning (afford a little sleep or use the free time to communicate with the people you love).

Medicines at wholesale prices – online pharmacy is cheaper

In the pharmaceutical business, there is no such thing as buying the drugs in bulk, as this procedure is prohibited at the legislative level. Wholesale of medicines is permitted to the pharmacy establishments, some hospital departments, and other establishments by special permission. But you’ve probably seen the banners and ads with the headlines “Buy the drugs in bulk in online pharmacy” or a more widespread option – “Buy the drugs for wholesale prices!”

As a rule, pharmacies mean not the direct wholesale trade, but the low prices or good discounts. For example, I’ve seen a phrase in some pharmacy “You can buy medicines at a wholesale price from us.” When I wondered how is that possible, it turned out that when buying for a certain amount or more, the customers get a very good discount. The pharmacists assured me that it was almost a wholesale price.

Another option is to buy the drugs from the online pharmacy (Internet pharmacy). Most websites have really low prices, and you can mistake an online purchase for wholesale purchases.

By and large, both options have the right to live, and there is no catch. Everything is transparent and legal. And if you buy the drugs from an online pharmacy in a large amount, such options of purchase will allow you to save well without any quality loss.