Introducing the Oasis High-field Open MRI

Exclusively at Imaging Healthcare Specialists

Imaging Healthcare Specialists has acquired the new Oasis MRI—a truly High-field Open MRI scanner—to offer physicians and the San Diego community access to the most advanced diagnostic imaging techniques currently available in the healthcare industry.

Features include:

  • At a field strength of 1.2 Tesla, this High Field Open MRI scanner produces imaging quality like no other.
  • Accommodating design provides a 270° view, maximizing a more comfortable and pleasant environment for patients.
  • Ultra fast workstation with RAPIDTM parallel imaging to reduce scan time and make MR exams as quick and smooth as possible, averaging 30 minutes or less.
  • Array of anatomically-specific optimized receiver coils that allow advanced imaging application ranging from vascular to orthopedic to women’s health.
  • For more OASIS information, call us at 866.558.4320 or visit