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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a simple, painless diagnostic procedure that produces images of anatomy without using radiation.What is an MRI?

Imaging Healthcare Specialists MRI Highlights:

  • We offer high-field MRI, high-field open MRI and 3T MRI
  • Evening, weekend and holiday appointments available
  • Our wide-bore, open MRI’s, are perfect for those people that are claustrophobic, have wide shoulders, larger in excess of 200 pounds and up to 500 pounds
  • Our advanced imaging capabilities allow for a faster scan for patient comfort and the most accurate diagnosis every time
  • We offer breast MRI’s and MRI guided biopsies
  • Amazing new applications and technologies
  • Most easily accessible 3T MRI in all of San Diego
  • Easy, patient-friendly, environments designed for patient comfort
  • Expert physicians and staff that are recognized nationally
  • Over 80 years of imaging experience and innovation, as well as San Diego’s first provider of MRI

To schedule an appointment call 866 558 4320