One Simple Fee Schedule

The following prices are based on payment in full at the time of your exam. Imaging Healthcare Specialists does not submit claims to insurance for imaging studies paid at time of service.

Patients Covered by Health Insurance Plans:

Imaging Healthcare Specialists is contracted with many insurance carriers including PPOs, HMOs, Indemnity and Government contracts and other payers, and is required to submit claims for all covered imaging studies per contractual and plan agreements. Pricing is based upon Global Fee Schedules and contractual plan agreements with each insurance company and does not reflect our One Simple Fee Schedule.

Patients’ Plan Deductibles & Co-Payments:

All plan Deductibles and Co-Payments will apply as outlined and are determined by your individual insurance plan. Co-Payments and un-met Deductibles may be required at the time of visit. Deductibles and Co-Payments may not be reduced or waived.

Authorization for Imaging Services:

Imaging Healthcare Specialists will work with your physician to obtain authorization for all imaging services as required by each carrier. When authorization is not received prior to your scheduled exam, you may be asked to sign a waiver taking responsibility for charges incurred in the event authorization is not received. We are happy to reschedule your study to allow time to obtain all necessary authorizations for services so as not to increase out of pocket expenses to you.

MRI Studies
MRI w/o Contrast (*excludes Breast) $400
MRI w/ & w/o Contrast $575
Neuroquant Rendering w/MRI $200
PET/CT $1400
CT Studies
CT Scan w/o Contrast $250
CT Scan w/Contrast $375
CT Scan w/ & w/o Contrast $400
CT Low Dose Lung Cancer Screening $199
CT Coronary Artery Calcium Score $  99
Bone Density
Bone Density (DEXA) $75
Breast Care Studies
Mammogram Screening $150
Mammogram Diagnostic $215
Breast MRI* (MRI w/contrast) $1100
Ultrasound Studies
Ultrasound each study $200
X-Ray Studies
X-Ray each study $ 50
Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) $650



Prices effective October, 2018. Above pricing requires payment in full at time of service and is subject to change without notice.