Patient Screener


Full Time

Supervised By

Center Supervisor

Job Description

  • Responsible for screening all patients and visitors (including vendors, CDs, prior reports, etc.) prior to allowing entry into our facilities.
  • Verbally review all the questions on ATD Form, and fill in the bottom section of the accordance with the answers by the patients or visitors.
  • Responsible for patient to sign ATD form and direct them based on the IHS Screening Decision Matrix.
  • If patient is cleared by the ATD questionnaire, hand form to patient to proceed to Check in.
  • If patient is turned away, bring questionnaire to the front desk to be scanned into patient’s file.
  • Follow all HIPAA and Confidentiality guidelines
  • Responsible for all patients and visitor to have a mask or some form covering on face.
  • Be able read the IHS Screening Decision Matrix, and be able to communicate the correct language to patient, if the answers are red, or green based on the chart.
  • Understand process for patient coming in for chest x-rays.
  • Reports directly to the Center Supervisor
  • Understanding IHS Screeners Standard Processing Instructions (SPI)



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